The Hills of UR

The hills of Ur

As far as the eye can see, Ur has given man the land. His symbol, His Monolith, rests in the middle of the country. Once a year, Ur leaves his kingdom of heaven and shows himself to his people. People gather around the Monoliths 5 days before his appearance and pay homage to their God. In a ceremony, gifts for Ur are prepared and brought to the circle. When He goes to the last ceremony on the fifth day, He takes the presents and people get his blessings for the coming year.

Unfortunately, there are always efforts by groups that do not follow the ceremonies. These groups are hunted and punished by the higher lords. Unfortunately, it is not always clear who does not bring enough awe to the Gottwesen Ur. For this and other reasons there are always large-scale migrations in the country. You could also call them refugees. Many hide in forests or old ruins of so-called artifacts or witch hunters. Our adventure begins in such a ruin. Although not actually in the ruins, but a little off in the mountain forests.

Our hero is called Logi. Just that he is not a hero and I do not mean that he has not figured it out yet. But he is young at years and every life is an adventure somewhere.

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